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Short Stories and Poetry

"Siren Story Number 8" on Ksenia Anske's blog
It can also be read here

The Exile and The Sparrow Heart published in Perspectives: The University of Sydney Anthology 2013

You can read the original texts where they appeared on my blog. I have edited them a little for the anthology, and might update them soon.

The Exile- A short story from 2011

The Sparrow Heart or A Father's Gift- A short story from 2012

Sticky Honey


The Incredibly Boring Un-Life of Benjamin Barker


The Beast in the Forest 

The Eye That Could See 


Lace and Candy 

Pinned: A Faery Horror Story for Halloween 

Bleeding Hearts Day Challenge- Misunderstood Villain's Support Group: Loki and Maleficent

Rapunzel: A Modern Fairytale

Only Child (A retelling of Snow White) 

The Woman Who Dated Death 

Writer's Dilemma



Depression Poem

Excerpts from The Journal of Narcissa Malfoy (nee Black)


No Place Like Home (A Story of Oz)

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