Thursday, 1 July 2021

June: Month in Review


Sewing/ fitting pattern

Crafting with Yasmin

Opshopping with Bryce

Cruella with Caite


The Conjure wife 

The Lady with the gun asks the questions by Kerry Greenwood- recommend 

The Good Folk

The wood Wife

Tam Lin


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


Shadow and Bone- recommend 

Sanditon- recommend 

Hamilton - recommend 

Mystery of a Hansom Cab

Little Women miniseries

You cannot kill David Arquette 



YouTube : It's a Charming Life,  Rachel Maksy, Madame Absinthe , The Sewlo Artist,  The Closet Historian, Rachel and Jun's Adventures, Nicole Rudolph, Sewstine,  Kaz Rowe? Karolina Zebrowska,  Darling Desi,  A Clothes Horse, Loepsie,  Oli Noel, salinda Nichols,

Listening to

The Tea Party (band)

Cole Porter songs


Steampunk mix on Spotify 


Eliza Rickman 

Ivy Levan- Introducing the Dame

Lola Blanc

Roxy Jules

Gin Wigmore 

Hamilton Soundtrack 

In The Heights soundtrack