Saturday, 21 November 2020

September month in review

Stardew Valley
Coven online meeting

The Kitchen graphic novel by Ollie Masteres, Ming Doyle, Jordie Bellaire
Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare 

Agatha Christie's Criminal Games (French)
Shirley (2020)- recommend
We Go On (shudder)
The Witch in the Window (Shudder)
Mary Shelley- recommend 
Tigers Are Not Afraid- recommend
Paradise Hills- recommend
The Kitchen- recommend 
The Canal (Irish horror)
Trumbo- recommend 
Escape from LA
Cobra Kai s1-2 recommend 
Honeymoon (Shudder)- recommend
Cursed Films: Shudder Original series-recommend 
Children of the Stones series (1977)- recommend 
Spiral (Shudder Original)
Horror Noire- Shudder Documentary- Recommend
YouTube : Madame Absinthe, It's Black Friday, Toxic Tears, Rachel Maksy

Listening to
Merciful Nuns
Bardcore by Hildegard von Blingin and others (YouTube)
Deine Lakaien 
Loreena McKennit 
Mors Syphilitica 

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