Saturday, 1 August 2020

Outfits #5

Long sleeve top: Kmart
Hooded top: Wicked Dragon UK
Skirt: Boohoo

Top: Altshop UK
Skirt: Boohoo

Top: Wicked Dragon UK
Skirt: actually a dress, secondhand

Top secondhand
Necklace: Antipodean Witch

Choker: The Emerald Raven
Top: Wicked Dragon UK
Skirt: Kmart?

Dress: Die With Your Boots On

Headchain: old necklace
Lipstick: Manic Panic
Triple Moon Necklace: I think it was Restyle?
Amethyst chunk necklace: secondhand
Top: old
Jacket: Wicked Dragon UK
Skirt: Tree of Life ages ago

Headchain: Poison Kiss Shop on Etsy
Lipstick: Colour by TBN
Scarab Necklace: Local hippie shop
Dress: Boohoo

Jumper: Cheap fashion outlet ages ago
Crow claw pendant: Odd Mountain
Dress: Boohoo

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