Sunday, 24 May 2020

March: Month in Review

Crafting and Tea Duel with Yasmin
Lunch with Kat and Bryce
... staying home
Learning to crochet
Kitchen witchery/ baking
AJP online meeting
Online crafting chats and coven

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman- recommend
Bruja Born by Zoraida Cordova- recommend
The Pocket Book of Stones (Revised) by Robert Simmons
Drowned by Therese Bohman
Blue Dragon by Kylie Chan (book 3 of Dark Heavens)- recommend the series
Darkly: Black History and America’s Gothic Soul by Leila Taylor- recommend
White Crow by Marcus Sedgwick

New Charmed s1- recommend
Rewatching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries- recommend
Godfather of Harlem- recommend
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
Rivers Edge
Boys in Trees- recommend
A Simple Favour- recommend
The Mentalist
American Pickers

Listening to
The Cure
Inkubus Sukkubus
The Sisters of Mercy
Florence and the machine
Switchblade Symphony
Mephisto Walz
Wendy Rule
S.J. Tucker
The Tea Party

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Isolation Outfits #2

7. Hand me down black cat earrings
Black cat dress from Sourpuss

8. Bat necklace from Restyle
Bat dress from Black Friday (Dangerfield)

9. Selfmade witchy fabric dress

10. Black Friday Pet Peeves dress from Dangerfield 

11. Selfmade skirt

12. Black Friday at Dangerfield witch dress

13. Choker from The Emerald Raven
I think the top was Pin Up Girl, I will update when I find it

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Isolation Outfits #1

1. Isis necklace from Antipodean Witch Box
Charmed AF tee from eBay
Skirt from Hell Bunny

2. Witches' Bookshelf dress from Lindy Bop

3. Faery wing earrings from unknown
Mushroom necklace from Peppermint???
Dress from Black Friday (Dangerfield)

4. Resting Witch Face tee from eBay
Selfmade bat skirt

5. Skull earrings handmedowns
Skull necklace from boyfriend
Dress from Hell Bunny

6. Spooky tattoo style dress from Black Friday (Dangerfield)