Friday, 4 May 2018

Outfits #4

Top: City Chic
Brooch: Dangerfield
Skirt: HEll Bunny (style: Hermeline)

Seashell Earrings: Kmart
Dress: Dangerfield

With Sarah

Eyeshadow: Medusa’s Makeup
Dress: Princess Highway (Dangerfield)

Lipstick: Colour by TBN
Dress: Revival (Dangerfield)

Eyeliner stamp by SAN Fillipo
Lipstick: Colour by TBN
Ankh: Killstar
Dress: Chic Star

With Kat on the way to Sanctuary Goth club


  1. Giant ankh! Giant ankh! Oh man....I used to have the cutest little hematite ankh necklace back in the day. So much nostalgia.

  2. Great outfits! Give your puppy a hug from me!

  3. Love the eyes... and the lace of the last dress.