Monday, 13 November 2017

Halloscream 5 At Luna Park Sydney

On October 30th Kat and I went to Halloscream 5 at Sydney's Luna Park. This was a spooky event where all the staff were in creepy costumes and there were lots of themed haunted houses. Most of my pictures are from the internet, as we were too busy being chased through haunted houses.

The Freak Show fun house involved being chased by Scary Circus people

This was a creepy guest house where most of the guests had been murdered

Private Screaming was an escape from a cinema haunted by Horror movie characters

The Shining Twins were walking around silently scaring everyone. We also saw Hannibal Lecter but he was being super creepy when we tried to take a picture.

The Stilt Walkers were spooky and very attractive!

There was also a mirror maze with evil clowns and corpses hanging from the ceiling.

Kat and I at Halloscream