Sunday, 30 July 2017

Recent Outfits 5

Garnet and quartz necklace: Ishka Homewares
Shawl: Present
Dress: Wicked

Hair flower: From Kmart (?) many years ago
Jacket: Wicked
Dress: Secondhand

Witching Hour club with Kat:

Ankh: Killstar, taken off chain and put on a ribbon
Dress: Free People knock off from eBay


  1. Ooh love the green dress and of course, I am biased, the last couple of photos are AWESOME. Off topic, I am sending you the Lego Unicorn kitty today. I have been so busy with stuff! I didn't forget about you!

  2. Love all the beautiful faery-green colors on you! That multi-colorful one is so cute too! You and your friend look gorgeous!
    I would love to have you style me for a day!
    Have a sweet day!

  3. I liked these outfits. You chose a great color. You have flair and style!

  4. I want to play dress up with you! LOL! You look amazing in your outfits!!