Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Princess in the Tower Part 1

Once upon a time there was a princess whose parents locked her in a tower.  They wanted her safe from the perils of the world. They wanted her where no one could touch her. They didn't count on a Pixie. The Pixie flew in the high window. Her name was Nettleblossom and she was the most beautiful creature the princess had ever seen. They fell in love. After a time they decided they wanted to have a baby. Nettleblossom brought back an egg. It was a magical Faery egg.

"Love it and cherish it and we will have the most special child", she told her love.

Time passed and the Pixie was called back to her people. The princess begged her not to leave but she had no choice. Time passed and Nettleblossom did not return. The princess grew miserable, she could not care for the egg. She lay in bed, mourning her lost love.

One day the egg hatched. Neglected, something had changed. Out came the most hideous goblin child. The princess loved it anyway. It brought her back out of her misery and she loved and cared for it. She named it Loveday. 

A year passed. The princesses parents came to bring her down from the tower, they had found her a husband. They were horrified to see the goblin child, but dared not harm it. 

The prince was horrified at his fiancée's hideous "pet" but the marriage was important to his kingdom so he had no choice. 

After the wedding, the princess and the goblin child went back with him to his kingdom. At night, the princess slept hugging the goblin. It slept with its glittering eyes open and he did not dare go near. He slept in another room. 

The goblin caused trouble all around the castle. It would steal food and small treasures and leave a mess everywhere it went. The castle staff hated and feared it but the princess loved it dearly and let it get away with everything.

Time passed and it was noticed that the princess never produced an heir. The prince did not admit to his fear of the goblin and her rejection of his advances, instead he let it be believed that she and her goblin trafficked dark magic. The princess was cast out of the castle to wander the wilderness with only the goblin for company and the prince took a new wife.


To be continued.

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  1. Excellent! I can't wait to read more! I love the name "Loveday"!