Monday, 2 January 2017

Hugging Chair

"Hugging sofa that'll make sure you'll never be alone again"

A very short story inspired by the hugging chair on Bored Panda.


I wake up feeling strangely smothered. I had fallen asleep in my chair. As I try to get up its furry arms tighten around me. "Nooooo", it growls, like the Godfather talking through a mouth of cotton wool, "I love you! I am all you need!"

It is two days later. I lie in the chair, which is now befouled with my own refuse. I haven't eaten or drunk anything in days. The chair will not let me go. I think I will die here.


My vision is going black. The chair is crooning a lullaby in my ear.


  1. I'm glad the story is quite eerie, since I find the chair rather creepy (and not in a good way).

  2. Short and not very sweet! Eeeeep!

  3. That chair is creepy!!! Your words are great for it! Happy New Year!