Wednesday, 14 December 2016

TV Series Quiz

I got this off Lesthi

1. Favorite tv friendship?
 Bo and Kenzi in Lost Girl

2. Best opening theme 
Don't Believe The Demons in Heartless (Danish) and I Wanna do bad things to you in True Blood

3. Favorite 90-s series
I didn't watch many as I was only born in 87. Buffy and Twin Peaks I guess.

4.  Funniest tv-show 
The Magicians or Supernatural maybe. I like dark humour.

5. If you could change something in a tv-series, what would it be? 
Not have favourite characters die, not have series I like get cancelled... the list is endless. 

6. The worst ending
Anything that was cancelled so ends on a Cliffhanger, ie Twin Peaks. I also hated the cliffhanger end of the new Gilmore Girls! 

7. If you could only watch one tv-series for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
I would have probably said The Vampire Diaries but I'm really not a fan of season seven. Maybe Charmed as it has a lot of seasons so would hopefully take a long time to get bored of. 

8. A tv-series you look forward to
I tend to binge watch most things as I usually get into things that are already out but I've really looked forward to Westworld this year!

9. One tv-series you wish you had never seen
I try to forget series that traumatise me so I don't want to try and dredge anything up. Guessing maybe anything with something particularly violent and horrific happening.

10.  The most scary character
Yellow Eyed Demon in Supernatural perhaps... or one of the other entities in it.

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