Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Litha/ Midsummer

Midsummer Manifestation Ritual
Make a list of everything you wish to manifest during the next six months.
Be complete -- include things related to career, personal issues, and other factors like clarity, confidence, and fun. After sunset, light a candle of your choice. Place a vase of flowers you like next to the candle.
Say aloud:
"I gather in the power of this day of greatest light and call in the guardians of fire, earth, air, and water to bring the last grace of power in light to manifest my desires in the coming harvest. I ask that this be
Read aloud your list
"I affirm that I am able and willing to allow these wishes to manifest and I participate in the miracle of
creation and with faith. So mote it be."
Allow the candle to burn until you go to sleep. Celebrate the energy of the evening in some way --play music, raise a glass, allow yourself some indulgence.   From Hearth and Home Witchery


  1. It always makes me smile that you're celebrating on opposite ends of the Wheel! I just celebrated Yule. Blessed Litha!

  2. I hope you had lovely Litha celebrations! <3

  3. Beautiful! I hope you had a great celebration! A Blessed Litha!