Thursday, 15 September 2016


I found this Ostara celebration online and read it outside to celebrate Spring (1st September)

The Wheel of the Year turns once more,
and the vernal equinox arrives.
Light and dark are equal,
and the soil begins to change.
The earth awakes from its slumber,
and new life springs forth once more.
The sun draws ever closer to us,
greeting the earth with its welcoming rays.
Light and dark are equal,
and the sky fills with light and warmth.
The sun warms the land beneath our feet,
and gives life to all in its path.
Spring has come! For this, we are thankful!
The Divine is present all around,
in the cool fall of a rain storm,
in the tiny buds of a flower,
in the down of a newborn chick,
in the fertile fields waiting to be planted,
in the sky above us,
and in the earth below us.
We thank the universe* for all it has to offer us,
and are so blessed to be alive on this day.
Welcome, life! Welcome, light! Welcome, spring!


  1. This is beautiful!

    As you enter Spring, our Autumn begins.

    Yvonne ♥ (formerly Winter Moon)

  2. Awesome! Happiest spring to you (and almost fall to us). ♥♥♥

  3. So beautiful!! Happy Spring to you and Happy Fall to us :)