Thursday, 28 July 2016

Visit to Hatters Teahouse

Click on photo for larger image
Pink lace top: eBay
Purple long sleeve top: Kmart
Faery skirt: sale group on Facebook

Necklaces: secondhand


  1. Very nice. You sort of look like Mulan in these photos.

  2. That skirt is enchanting! And, I love your red wig in your previous post. I think you can wear any color of hair and look good...lucky girl!

    Blessings, Victoria

  3. loving the flame colours of that skirt * 0 * wow!!! so cool

  4. You look great! I think you look very magical! You asked if I am cooler with my hair being short. I am cooler, but with the summer we have been having, I am still sweating! LOL!