Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. I know I am terrible at replying but I read and treasure every comment and they really help inspire me to keep exploring my style and feel stronger self esteem. I think of you all as a wonderful  cheer squad!!

Sakkas fairy maiden corset dress, Sakkas.com
It's a paler colour in real life, but it was quite dark in the house when I took the pictures so that affected the colour.

Faery necklace from Ironfest.


  1. What a pretty dress! I think a big flower crown would make it even more faerie-like, and I think it would suit you so very well.

  2. Good grief! You need to visit the States! You would be head-over-heels because these are exactly the kinds of dresses that many Pagan shops and Indian shops carry. We have an excellent Indian shop in New Hope that has tons of this stuff! One day you must make your way over.

    You look absolutely darling!

  3. You rock this dress girl! I think this is one of my favourites on you yet!!! Big Hugs!

  4. That's a pretty dress, very flattering too. You look gorgeous in blue^^

  5. I love the dress, and adore what it does for your hair and your tattoos!

  6. Oh, I'd also vote for a flower crown <3 You look cute!