Monday, 9 May 2016

Faery Sister

Hanging out with my faery sister, Emily.

Mural in Gosford. Look at that bird!

Trying on hats at Jean Marie Millinery Gosford

A new friend for Emily- my birthday present to her- Miss Kitty Fantastico, the rainbow butterfly unicorn kitten.

Miss Kitty is from:


  1. You make pink look fantastic, dear Laura. And your gift to Emily is just precious. Happy Birthday to her, by the way. ♥

  2. I love this post so much! Thank you for the smile! You look amazing! I love you in that pink dress and all those wonderful hats! Your friend is adorable! Happy Birthday to her! I love the gift you gave her!!! Big Hugs!

  3. those hats are beautiful! so cool. not sure if you remember, but you used to follow my old blog back in the day. I've just started a new one if you'd like to take a look ^^

  4. I think you need more flower headbands & clips in your wardrobe, they look great on you!