Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Faery Making Day

I forgot to post this, this was ages ago. My friend Yasmin had a faery craft day and we made-over barbies into faeries.

Everyone's faeries

I made the one in the pink glittery dress

I made this faery with the leaf top and rainbow dress

Faery door I made

Doll with thistledown hair by Yasmin

Huge thanks go to Yasmin for finding all the dolls and awesome craft materials!


  1. I just love that fairy door!

  2. These are so sweet, I especially love the last one, and your fairy door x

  3. Hi Laura! So gorgeous..all of them enchanting! Sounds like such a fun time too! I love your magical fairy door, I can feel the energy and magic from it!
    Thanks for adding fairy-sparkles to my day!

  4. This looks like fun!! Maybe I'll have to find some Barbies and things and invite some friends to have a faery and/or goth doll making day! :-)

  5. So much fun! I want to do this! They all turned out so beautiful! Love them!

  6. What a fun thing to do! I love them all... especially your sexy pink-glittery one and the one in the green leaf skirt. :-)

  7. That's a great idea, I love it!

  8. Oh all of these look so pretty :-O and the idea is creative as well!