Thursday, 3 March 2016

Lammas For The Animals

 Lammas/ Lughnasadh- Southern Hemisphere- February 2nd

Recently I have been trying to rekindle my spirituality, so I decided it was high time to start trying to celebrate the Pagan festivals again. I hate Summer, I am always too hot and miserable, to a harvest festival and the coming Autumn seemed a good thing to celebrate.

Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, so while the Northern Hemisphere is celebrating Imbolc, we are celebrating Lammas or Lughnasadh.

As a harvest and grain festival, I thought a good simple way to celebrate would be to give the birds and wild animals some harvest treats. I only chose things that would not harm them, for instance bread is very heavy and not good for wild birds. Also be aware that if you feed birds all the time they may come to rely on you.

The birds and wild creatures received some natural oats, a small serve of bird seeds from my pet bird's mix (be careful how many sunflower seeds you feed birds, they are basically junk food), sliced carrots and sliced apple.

Southern Hemisphere Sabbat Dates


  1. You must be releived to be welcoming autumn now!

  2. What a nice gift for the birds. Yes, you can be in the drawing, which takes place tomorrow.

  3. A beautiful gift for the birds! Have a great celebration!

  4. I think if I was a bird I would now try to move in to your family!