Friday, 26 February 2016

Makeup: Shadowhunters TV Series: Camille Belcourt

Camille Belcourt in the new Shadowhunters series has the amazing kind of hair and makeup it takes hundreds of years of practice to perfect, but I have it a try with my not quite two years of actually being able to do passable makeup...

Key elements of the makeup:

Smoky eye
Double wing eyeliner
Dark enemy's blood lipstick

The products I used:


Rimmel eyeliner pencil 061 jet Black
Modelsprefer liquid eyeliner
 Maybelline 842 Black Metal eyeshadow

Rimmel 061Wine lipliner
Ulta3 044 berry chocolate lipstick
Manic Panic Black Rose lipstick

First pictures in full light to show off the makeup, others in more natural/vampiric lighting.


  1. You are much More stunning than the way! xoDebi

  2. This kind of eyeliner and lipstick suits you so well!I love it!

  3. That's some serious smoulder lady! LOL, I wish I were more adept with makeup.

  4. WOW! You look amazing! You are stunning my friend! You really are!

  5. Wow, you look gorgeous, this smokey look with the red lipstick and that lace top is super elegant. ^^

  6. You nailed it! From ethereal fairy to vampiric goddess, you've got them all covered, Laura. :)

  7. Super look on you. Is Manic Panic any good? I'm tempted by some of their lipsticks and their pressed powder.

    The Shadowhunter looks in the TV show are pretty cool, I have utter Isabelle envy - at first I didn't think she was as pretty as described in the book but as the series goes on you just think 'Wow!' She's stunning - the figure to die for. My husband agrees!

    And the lad playing Alex is just a peach.