Saturday, 6 February 2016

29 Faces Challenge #1

I am still going with the January posts but I thought I'd throw in a few February things so as not to get too far behind!

29 faces

Hope I'm not being too much of a rebel doing a few a day!

Curls, Wisdom, Misery, elf, The Cure lyrics reference, Puppy Love

Anger, painted with nailpolishes.

Faces drawn with my eyes closed. I was shocked how symmetrical they were!

Pain/ Tonsilitis (yes, Tonsilitis is visiting me again!)


  1. wonderful collection of faces. All different, all interesting and all full of creativity.

  2. Express yourself dear Bert! I love to see the "joy" in your ART! I'm watching! xoxo

  3. Oh, cool, I really like your creative approach, using nail polis and drawing with your eyes closed are fun ideas. ^^

  4. These are excellent Laura! I really mean that! You did well with your eyes closed! I like the face with the heart and the third eye! Really love them all!

  5. Rebels get my heart every time.

    Love the anger in nail polish!

  6. I like these drawings. They have a nostalgic quality that reminds me of industrial illustration from the 50's and 60's. A little Charles Addams-y, with just a pinch of Gahan Wilson.

  7. love the ones you did with closed eyes, i dont think a lot of us would be able to draw actual faces that way :-D

    1. The trick is to keep the pen really near the paper so it doesn't escape too far ;) Once you finish and take the pen off there is no going back!

  8. Ooh! Drawing challenges are a fun way to pass time and to get better at drawing. The humanoid faces are my favorite subject~