Monday, 4 January 2016

Vintage Goth

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Screenshot from Marple

Screenshot from Marple

It's a bit like Gothabilly, but not related to the Gothabilly music genre, and a bit earlier in era. It's also a bit like a more toned down, wearable Victorian Goth. The soundtrack might include Sinatra, Gothic Chanteuse Jill Tracy or whatever you like. It's a classic Vintagey style with a bit of Goth.

You can see a couple of Vintage Goth outfits I did in 2015 here and here. I have written down some things to help me better create this style.

For me this style means:
  • Bright, bold retro makeup
  • Docs, ankle boots, knee boots... any kind of Goth boots with Vintagey dresses
  • Tights if it's cold: fishnet type mesh knits, pretty patterns like roses, etc.
  • Main colours: Red, white, black. Maybe some blue.
  • Vintage style dresses, blouses, skirts
  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • 1920s
  • 1930s
  • 1940s
  • Nothing too "little girly"
  • Jewellery: red or black pearl strand type necklaces, vintagey things like clock pendants, old keys, crosses, ankhs, etc
  • Skull, skeleton hairclips?
  • Cute jackets retro style
  • Beautiful blouses with lace cut outs
  • Neckbows
  • Vests?
  • Cloche, beret
  • Short capes
  • Petticoats
Keyword: Elegance. Think: going to evening Gothic cocktails at a Vintage styled house or a literary talk.


Ladylike Delicacy
Draped in Cloudlets

Vintage Goth Music
  • Jill Tracy is perfect! Dark cabaret!
  • Cole Porter
  • Billie Holiday
  • Boardwalk Empire soundtrack
  • Sinatra
  • 20s and 30s music
  • Big Band and Swing
  • Miss Fisher soundtrack
  • 80s Goth or whatever you like...
  • etc.
Books, TV

Marple, Poirot, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

  • Edward Gorey
  • Art Deco
  • Anything you like

Thanks to Kat of Time Warp for helping me edit this and giving Vintage style advice.


  1. Such a lovely and elegant style. I used to wear vintage gothic - ish outfits when I had ginger hair like the lady on the second pic. ^^

  2. Love this, all the ingredients for a great party. The outfits are lush, my favourites are the 2nd and 3rd rows down.

  3. It's beautiful and a style that never goes out of time!

  4. I didn't actually know this was a thing. Wow, I'm out of the loop... But I like this style and I have been unknowingly wearing it quite a lot! I'm a great fan of victorian goth but I need my outfits to be more practical and comfortable than that so most of the time I guess I end up with something more like vintage goth. :) I love my top hat, my waistcoats and my granny boots!

  5. And seems to be related to the japanese 'Elegant Gothic Aristocrat' stuff a lot, right? These outfits look like so much time has been put into them :-O

  6. So beautiful!!! Elegant with a little bit of edge! Keep being you my friend! I accept you for who you are and you are a beautiful person, inside and out! Big Hugs!

  7. Love the looks with hats!<3

  8. Great post, thanks for sharing this Laura! It looks like I have been a VG for years now without knowing, haha.
    Also, the examples in the pictures are quite illustrative, but I think lady number three is wearing a Moi Même Moitié dress, so I believe she would be a Gothic Lolita rather than a Vintage Goth.

    I am curious, though, is there a point where both styles collide? I´m always keen to learn about new things! Thank you!