Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sew-A-Long: Burda Tunic Top

 Burda calls it a peasant blouse but it's really more like a tunic.

Peasant Blouse (Plus Size) 09/2013 #133

I cut out size 44
Did a back zip, no front buttons.
Front placket in contrast colour, with fake lacing stitched on
I had problems with the skirt. I may have traced wrong pieces, as it ended up tighter and longer than it should be, but I like dresses anyway, so I just added another panel to make it fit better and went with it.

I love the final dress (which I wore for my tea party the other day) but I think I might need to take the bodice in a little at the top as it gapes a little if I learn forward. Not too unusual a problem for me as my waist is a slightly larger size category than my bust.

 Amethyst pendant found online, can't remember where, crescent moon necklace from eBay. It was originally one of those ones with the little planet bit in the middle but that fell off and I like it this way anyway.


  1. Lovely! To be honest, I'm not a fan of tunic tops, so I think it looks better as a cute dress. ^^

  2. You probably turned the skirt pieces by mistake. But it looks better as a dress anyway! Funny how things work out. :)

  3. Looks very pretty as a dress!

  4. Tunic top patterns can be funky to work with, but I like it as a dress!

  5. I really like this as a dress! I agree, take it in a little bit!

  6. I also think that your version as a dress is much cooler than the tunic, you look great!

  7. You look like a doll *_* definitely think it looks better as a dress than as top, great choice!