Monday, 25 January 2016

Personal Tarot Spread 26th January: Ellen Dugan- Witches Tarot

Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan.

I am still learning the tarot so I have given the notes from the book for each card as well as a interpretation of what they might mean for me.

Three of Wands: "Active waiting. Everything is in constant motion. Expansion, growth. Taking on a leadership role. Keeping an eye on your future goals. The future looks bright."

Everything in my life does seem to be in a state of both flux and waiting, so I am definitely looking forward to the future and creative endeavors. Hawthorn (the wands) is also my Celtic Tree and is a faery tree, which is interesting as I strongly identify with fae.

King of Swords: "An air sign man. Authority, a fair leader, judgement. Justice, reason, logic, truth. Ethics, honor, swiftly turning knowledge into action.
Associated elements: Air and air.
Astrological Association: Aquarius."

 My element is air. It is a sign for dreamers and fae which makes sense to me. Again this seems to point to my future. I don't think there are any air sign men in my life but I don't really know star signs for most people (?) I think this card is mainly to do with me.

The Lovers: "Sexual love, beauty, a romantic relationship. Decisions, commitment. Choices to be made. The choice you make now will affect your future. Love heals.
Astrological association: Gemini."

Gemini is my main astrological sign. I am already in a relationship but perhaps it will prove helpful in making positive changes in the future. Yet again the card points to choices, changes and the future.

In summation it looks like I have choices to make regarding the future, change is coming. It should be positive.

Images from online, I forgot to photograph my spread.

Reading done 26th January (we're a day ahead here).


  1. Could you also write the interpretation for the cards?

    1. I have just gone back and done one. :) I am far from an expert! :P

  2. I have this deck too. It's the one I keep in my purse to do tarot for friends. So what is your interpretation?

  3. Looks like a positive reading :) Was this a 3-card past present future spread? Makes my want to do a reading myself.

    1. It seems to be relating strongly to the future interestingly, so I guess the cards chose what they wanted to tell me?

  4. The three of wands man has his back turned to the king of swords. It's like he is waiting on something better to come. And since there is the lovers card along side the king of swords, it could mean turning your back on something or someone you love in order to try something new and positive for you. I think of the three of wands as someone waiting for his ship to come in.

  5. All positive! I am still learning at reading the tarot too!