Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sew-A-Long: Burda Tunic Top

 Burda calls it a peasant blouse but it's really more like a tunic.

Peasant Blouse (Plus Size) 09/2013 #133

I cut out size 44
Did a back zip, no front buttons.
Front placket in contrast colour, with fake lacing stitched on
I had problems with the skirt. I may have traced wrong pieces, as it ended up tighter and longer than it should be, but I like dresses anyway, so I just added another panel to make it fit better and went with it.

I love the final dress (which I wore for my tea party the other day) but I think I might need to take the bodice in a little at the top as it gapes a little if I learn forward. Not too unusual a problem for me as my waist is a slightly larger size category than my bust.

 Amethyst pendant found online, can't remember where, crescent moon necklace from eBay. It was originally one of those ones with the little planet bit in the middle but that fell off and I like it this way anyway.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Pre-Raphaelite Faery Boho Goth #1

Top and skirt secondhand

Beaded necklace from boyfriend, found secondhand, watch pendant a present,can find them on eBay etc.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Sarah Pictures

We haven't had Sarah pictures on the blog for a while, so here you go!

Helping trace patterns.

Practicing sad faces: "you ignored me for a whole minute!"


Standing up and patting my leg or arm for attention (under the computer desk as I blog)

Sitting on my chest looking down at me

"Who is in charge now, ha ha ha!" 
You're always in charge, Sarah!

This is what I call her "little horse" pose

Lazy doggy, with pillow AND blanket.

"Scratch me like one of your French girls."

Monday, 25 January 2016

Personal Tarot Spread 26th January: Ellen Dugan- Witches Tarot

Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan.

I am still learning the tarot so I have given the notes from the book for each card as well as a interpretation of what they might mean for me.

Three of Wands: "Active waiting. Everything is in constant motion. Expansion, growth. Taking on a leadership role. Keeping an eye on your future goals. The future looks bright."

Everything in my life does seem to be in a state of both flux and waiting, so I am definitely looking forward to the future and creative endeavors. Hawthorn (the wands) is also my Celtic Tree and is a faery tree, which is interesting as I strongly identify with fae.

King of Swords: "An air sign man. Authority, a fair leader, judgement. Justice, reason, logic, truth. Ethics, honor, swiftly turning knowledge into action.
Associated elements: Air and air.
Astrological Association: Aquarius."

 My element is air. It is a sign for dreamers and fae which makes sense to me. Again this seems to point to my future. I don't think there are any air sign men in my life but I don't really know star signs for most people (?) I think this card is mainly to do with me.

The Lovers: "Sexual love, beauty, a romantic relationship. Decisions, commitment. Choices to be made. The choice you make now will affect your future. Love heals.
Astrological association: Gemini."

Gemini is my main astrological sign. I am already in a relationship but perhaps it will prove helpful in making positive changes in the future. Yet again the card points to choices, changes and the future.

In summation it looks like I have choices to make regarding the future, change is coming. It should be positive.

Images from online, I forgot to photograph my spread.

Reading done 26th January (we're a day ahead here).

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Recent Outfit

Top: Hand me down from a friend
Skirt: Secondhand (looks black in real life but I like that it comes out purple here!)
Ankh: eBay

Standing under the light to show my new hair. Napro Palette Intensive Red 6-888 over slightly faded blue. Has a kind of bright burgundy colour.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

David Bowie's Films

Bowie as Tesla in The Prestige

As Thomas Newton in The Man Who Fell To Earth

I have not seen all of Bowie's films, but here are a few that are worth a watch. There are definitely a few others of his I need to try and see! I am also desperate to see the stage play Lazarus that he wrote, but unless it ever comes to Australia or is filmed, my chances are low.

The Man Who Fell To Earth: I read about this in a book about terrible movies and I couldn't believe it was in there. It sounded brilliant. It is a rather slow, melancholy and rambling film, what I would refer to as an Art film, and may not be everyone's cup of tea. You do see a naked Bowie though, and I thought his acting was beautiful. It is a sad film so it might not be best to watch yet if you are still bursting into tears at Bowie tribute articles.

Interesting fact: Lazarus, the play that Bowie wrote, is apparently a sequel to this. Michael C Hall plays Thomas Newton, and Bowie chose him for the role.

The Prestige: Even without Bowie this movie would have been brilliant, with elements of science, stage magic, vendettas and Steampunk. Bowie as Nikola Tesla is the icing on the cake. Not a large role but an unforgettable one.

Zoolander: David Bowie has a small cameo as himself. The movie itself is sometimes very funny, sometimes rather offensive, and a humorous take on the fashion world, with some good cameos.

Basquiat: While director Julian Schnabel has been criticised for including a thinly veiled version of himself (played by Gary Oldman, complete with Schnabel's artwork and real-life daughter), this movie is unmissable in my opinion. I have always loved this depiction of artist Jean Michel Basquiat's early career. It is great to see Jeffrey Wright when he was young, before he became a Bond character and recurring antagonist in Boardwalk Empire. His portrayal of the political but naive Basquiat is beautiful and touches on the now commonly held belief that Basquiat was possibly ripped off by his agents.

I have seen many well known actors play Andy Warhol, Jared Harris (in I Shot Andy Warhol, also a great movie) and Guy Pierce (in Factory Girl) but I will always love Bowie's portrayal of him best.

Labyrinth: This movie was a huge part of most people's childhoods, and a lot of us still wish the Goblin King would take us away. Bowie wrote some beautiful music for the film and is ethereally beautiful in his wild costumes. While his character is just a little sociopathic, nearly killing the protagonist off one moment, wanting her to be his queen the next, there is no denying he is totally magnetic and irresistable! I really feel like watching this again but am not sure if I am quite ready!

The Hunger: David Bowie's character is absolutely beautiful as an ancient vampire, a Goth's dream boyfriend. And Catherine Deneuve as his wife and sire is damn irresistible, too. Unfortunately, fairly early into the film, Bowie's character begins dying. I know people who had trouble handling his demise in this film while he was still alive so I would not recommend watching it if you are still feeling raw.

Monday, 18 January 2016

More Mermaid Makeup

Medusa's Makeup Electro Kiwi and Electro Turquoise, with a bit of Maybelline Black Metal

I apologise for not having a better camera or lighting so that you can see the makeup better.

Friday, 15 January 2016

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