Saturday, 26 December 2015

Wardrobe Sew-A-Long: Blouse

Blouse from Burda Magazine, 104/105 blouse Burda 12/2000

I used lace at the collar instead of the stand collar, which was too tall. 
I used the single ruffle version of the pattern.
The pattern was meant to have a 22 inch zipper at the top back but I used one that was a bit shorter and it worked out.
Hoping to get an outfit photo of it soon.

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  1. V. Cute blouse I like it. I have a fondness for Victorian high neck

  2. It's lovely!! I had something similar as a child in the end of the 70s. There were a romantic wave then with frills and laces.

  3. It's lovely, Laura! I like high necks but not too high! It feels like what I imagine wearing a tie feels like to some people - like you're choking to death. LOL

  4. Beautiful work! Sewing is so much fun.. and it gives so much more freedom and options to the wardrobes <3.