Thursday, 17 December 2015 Customer Review


Described as:

Chic Jewel Neck Bowknot Sleeveless Blouse and Striped Midi Skirt Twinset For Women

Price: $11.70


The items are made of cheap stretchy lycra type material. The skirt is around my size so sits OK and might be usable, but the top looks horrific. The pieces in the picture do not look like lycra but much nicer fabrics.

The skirt isn't as yellowy as it looks, it is white and black, that's just bad lighting.

The cute applique bow in the images is just printed on. Very disappointing.



 Described as:

Noble Peter Pan Collar Cap Sleeve Lace Spliced Dress For Women

Price: $11.35

Dress looks pretty much like the example picture. Fit is about what it said in the measurements. The material has slight stretch, feels like cheap polyester, would probably be very hot.

With flash.
Material is very see-through if held up to light. Not sure how this would work out if the dress was on, it would probably be fine. 

Without flash.
 Shipping was not to expensive, thank goodness. I can't remember exactly how much I paid, somewhere between $10 and $20. Given that I live in Australia it's not that much, we pay a lot for overseas shipping.

I feel that quality possibly depends on the manufacturers of the particular garments, but I would definitely be more careful in future. Perhaps more pricey garments would be better but I would not count on it. I have had similar troubles with eBay garments in the past so this is not really a problem that is isolated to Sammydress.


  1. Cool! Thanks for the review!

  2. Crappy online stores like this are so annoying! I had a similar experience with Tb Dress. They're huge scale scammers and their ads are EVERYWHERE on the Internet. When I click hide this ad on fb what I really want to tell them is this company is a rip off and falsely advertising!

  3. Seems like the quality you'd expect at that price point.

  4. The black and white is such a great idea! Doesn't it say on the website what material it's made of?!

    1. It generally just says polyester, which, it would seem can mean a very wide range of things to them! I know I sew with polycotton, but I was expecting about the quality of the second item, definitely not the quality of the first. Synthetics can vary so widely in quality!

  5. That's too bad, but I am glad you didn't pay too much!