Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Sewing: Victorian Inspired Dress/ Outfit for Hanging out with Fiona

My most recent sewing creation, once again using Simplicity 1419 Lisette, because when I find a pattern that works well for me, I like to use it as a base for all my different ideas.

The yoke is from an 80s Burda pattern sheet. I cut it out and sewed it to the front of the dress and then lined the edges with lace trim.

With this dress I did a gathered skirt instead of a pleated one.

Wig from eBay, hair flower from Kmart, socks from a kiosk in the shopping centre, cardigan from secondhand shop.

I wore this went I went to see my friend Fiona.


Makeup: Rimmel eye pencil and Electro Red by Medusa's Makeup

Selfie in a shop mirror.


  1. Goodness, that is a cute outfit and you look so beautiful! I love that make up. ^_^

  2. That dress is perfect! I love the photo of you in the shop mirror! Fantastic socks!

  3. Love the high waist. And your socks are delicious! ♥

  4. This is a very pretty outfit! I like the black/white theme (includig white wig and black hair flower)!

  5. I love this! You look very cute, gothic lolita esque.

  6. So gorgeous, Laura. That white hair really makes your skin glow.

  7. You look like a doll <3 (in a good way!)

  8. I admire your sewing skills. It's a skill I wish I had but did not develop. You make some very cute dresses.

  9. You look adorable! Love everything!