Monday, 2 November 2015

Reblog: Just Keep Brains!- Goths and Depression

"I have been diagnosted with depressions when I was a child. This was not a girl being goth, this was an 11-year old girl who was mourning the death of her father, not being able to understand what was happening or how to get out of that mourning again the way she lived and thought back then. Of course, therapies and all that were done, still not successful, mini-me stayed locked in those mental chains. Acting normal, being sad, thinking too much.

Eventually I met a group of goths – cliche, covered in black velvet, chains, totally beautiful and fascinating with their vampire like attitudes. They were 10-15 years older than me and didn’t live close to me, but were still people who I felt deeply connected to (and thanks to the being older fact and them having their own cars we were able to meet quite often). They were able to show me things to love about life, music, places, art, made me feel better, tought me to understand what my soul needed, smile again with my heart instead of putting on that mask I was used to wear."

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