Saturday, 19 September 2015

Outfit and Makeup Catch Up #1

Decided to do a post for some outfit and makeup pictures that didn't make it to their own posts.

First picture after dyeing my hair back from blonde.

Banned cardigan, eBay dress.

Makeup for Holly Black and Cassandra Clare event:

Rimmel eyeliner, Electro Red eyeshadow by Medusa's Makeup. 
The dress is Folter, cardigan by Banned.

Sourpuss dress
Cameo necklace I have had for years

Banned cardigan and same cameo necklace

I think the nailpolish was Covergirl in Midnight.

Eyeshadow: Liger by Medusa's makeup
eBay dress again.

Dress from eBay, necklace given to me by my boyfriend

Makeup for Kat's Alice in Wonderland party:

Sugarpill Love Plus eyeshadow, Australis colour inject lipstick in Cha Cha. 
Usual Rimmel eyeliner.

Top necklace given to me by my boyfriend a long time ago
Bottom necklace bought off a friend.
Wig from eBay

Hell Bunny dress, Sock Dreams socks, my usual offbrand boots.


  1. I love how you look great with short blonde, short black and long red hair! And your make up skills are great, I love the one for the Cassandra Clare event!

    1. Aw thank you, I am glad you appreciate it, it took me years of really bad makeup to get good!

  2. That wig is awesome, the red make-up is perfect with it.

  3. The 'all red look' looks so great on you! Love Plus and Cha Cha are a cool combination. You really can wear short and long hair - both styles suit you very well!

  4. I love the Sourpuss dress. And do I even have to tell you about the boots and red and black dress? Probably not. ;-)

  5. Your short black hair looks cute and so does the red hair. :)

  6. Love the red eyeshadow! Fun post, would love to see more :)

  7. *stares at nailpolish* do i smell another glitter addict? :-D