Saturday, 22 August 2015

Style Concept: Gothic Doll

Mini Mood Board

This is my world!

Style Elements

Cute Goth girl growing up in a mansion, talking to the ghosts of her parents, climbing trees on full moon nights.

Her tutor is Bigfoot, she never has to go to school. The house is filled with suits of armor, portraits that seem to watch you. A Goth's playground.

Miniature wolves are her pets. She has a huge library room. 

Her dresses are cute but allow movement to run and play and black doesn't show stains.

No one tells her what to do. She never has to grow up. Every day is Halloween.

Colour Pallet

Black, white, 
grey, red (various shades)
Maybe purple.

Key Pieces

I already have two nice cardigans and a few nice jackets so I am probably set there. The basic style is a cute dress with plain black or lace stockings if it is cold and either my Mary Jane shoes or my ankle boots. The occasional blouse and skirt combo as well.

If there was a dream jacket it would be this:

I have this jacket which should go well with the other things. Yes, I want it in black, don't tempt me!


Cute dress, boots or Mary Janes, jacket or jumper if needed. 


Gothic Lolita-esque

Inspirations: Wednesday Addams, Alice in Wonderland, Violet Baudelaire.

Accessories: Black shoulder bag or handbag, parasol.


  1. I need a cute black dress with a white Peter Pan collar. ^^ That grey coat is stunning.

  2. What a great idea to do a mood board of everything you like, and then start pulling pieces from your own wardrobe to build around. Then you have a clear(er) idea of what you need when you go shopping and don't end up buying things that don't work with anything! Not that I've ever done that. :)

    I don't shop for clothes much anymore, other than to replenish the drawer of black t-shirts. I might make an exception for a coat like that tho.

  3. Are you looking for a new style? I think that this would suit you really well!

  4. I love all of this. Wish I could rebuild my wardrobe. .. lol

  5. Wednesday Addams, Alice in Wonderland and Violet Baudelaire are all wonderfully stylish icons ♥

  6. Love the images and the story you wove around them.

  7. I wish I could own all of those!

  8. I love it! And that grey jacket is <3!

  9. Well done, such a great style concept! I love the Burton-esque feel to this.

  10. Love your mini mood board, what a wonderful idea.

  11. this is you. btw, you have to buy or diy that coat now since it definitely would match that style perfectly fine!

  12. I love the Style elements - part in which you let the imagination fly a little. :D This is a gorgeous style and I would love to wear it. ^^