Tuesday, 28 July 2015

What I Believe In

I believe that friends, family and our beloved animal companions are more important than money

I believe as the dominant species on earth we have a responsibility to help the weaker ones

I believe that while I do occasionally eat meat I am still able to support animal rights and welfare

I believe that the earth is very important, it sustains us and we should not sacrifice it on the altar of money, if we kill the earth, we kill ourselves and it is everyone's responsibility to take care of it, whether it be picking up our rubbish or choosing more sustainable business methods

I believe that capitalism really mostly benefits those at the top, the companies and CEOs while the poor stay poor, unless companies make an effort to change and to help others, which some do

I believe that advertising helps make us unhappy by making us want bodies we cannot have and items we do not need

I believe it is still ok to dress up and take pride in our appearance, but not to let this become the be all and end all of our lives

I believe having less and working less is a better life balance

I believe that shopping at charity stores is good because not only are the items cheaper than designer clothes, but the money goes to benefit the community

I believe that we need to be more community spirited and willing to help others

I believe that we all have a responsibility to make sure manners do not die out, holding the door open, letting old people onto the bus or train before you, etc.

I believe that we can make a change, the good things that people do always matter

 What do you believe?


  1. I love this Laura! What a great post! I really admire how you use follow your heart above everything else. Thanks for posting this!

  2. These are really good believes! We humans as a conscious beings should take responsibility for our behaviour. I try my best!

  3. You are such a nice and smart person, I really hope you know that!

  4. Our beliefs are pretty much the same, a combination of kindness and common sense.



  5. totally have to agree <3