Sunday, 26 July 2015

Inspiring Homes #3

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Wall by Art of Stone


  1. OMG, so cute! Cant wait for winter/Halloween!

  2. Your 'inspiring homes' posts are always great - all these cool ideas! (The black / red lamp is my favourite) - Tea

  3. You always find the best pictures! I love those shoes (boots?).

  4. So many beautiful things! The witch's boots and that little skeleton of a bat were my favorites. :) Though I also loved the photo with a festive table outside, with little lights hanging in a tree and the small ghost decorations on a lawn. So cute!

  5. I'm pretty flattered you found the raven picture inspiring, Laura. ❤

    1. Would this be a good time to confess I probably have multiple pictures from your blog saved around various folders on this computer and on my old computer (all of which are now lost)? You are very inspiring!

  6. always drooling on similar pics you post on facebook and totally loved looking through these on your blog as well! especially since i am still working on my cave inspiration is never a bad thing!