Thursday, 16 July 2015

Edie Sedgwick Inspired Eyeliner, Robert Smith jacket

Opalite pendant: online
Loose lace top: secondhand
Pants: Crossroads

Oversized jacket: Kmart, stencilled by me, see this post.

Eyeliner: Rimmel ScandalEyes pen
Eyeshadow: Medusa's Makeup Amulet

Extra picture: having tea at my friend's place. Satin Chinese style jacket I found at an op shop.


  1. You look lovely Laura :)

    Been meaning to mention, I completed that goth survey you posted a link to a while back. The people running the survey are coming to the UK for 2 weeks over the Whitby weekends (Bram Stoker International Film Festival and the Whitby Goth Weekend). They've asked me and a few others to meet up for a chat during that time, which will be interesting! I'm going to Bram this year, rather than WGW so will be chatting after the Fields of the Nephelim gig. Thanks for posting the link, they seem lovely :)

    Jane (

  2. Nice stencil, looks perfect!