Tuesday, 2 June 2015

An Important Cause: Stop Backyard Breeding

"Time for Nine is a Non Profit Organisation who after the horrific bludgeoning of nine puppies in Kurri Kurri, NSW are seeking change...change to animal abuse laws, desexing of companion animals and to STOP backyard breeding.

We need your help...our first television commercial campaign will focus on making the public aware companion animals are NOT a commodity.

Production costs are being kindly donated...but we are seeking help with the cost of airtime on NBN, Prime Television and SCB10.

The commercial will be released 1 July 2015"

Lucky, the survivor of the Kurri Kurri puppies.


  1. I agree, companion animals are definitely NOT a commodity. I hope your group is successful in getting backyard breeders stopped.

  2. Backyard breeding should certainly be stopped.

    Lucky is such a cutie ♥

  3. I so totally agree. All this breeding creates 1) mixed breeds not intended that destroy the offsprings personality and make for difficult pets 2) lots of puppies and dogs that are abused 3) lots of dogs that are eventually abandoned 4) disease and sick animals that are destroyed. I dislike backyard breeders and people who don't take care of their animals. It's so insane. Rant over!

  4. Fantastic and powerful post..wonderful and amazing cause..it is heartbreaking what animals go through! What a beautiful soul Lucky is...sweet thing..so happy he/she survived! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Poor pups :( you're awesome for supporting this cause!