Monday, 6 April 2015


When the end is near
you will see him

Sleek furred, gentle beast
miniature predator
shadow panther of the halls of the dying

Nothing more remarkable than a cat and yet
there is something more

Look into those eyes that seem to know
things that no human knows

Silent padding steps
making their way
down the halls

stopping at the door
he goes in

Frail hands cradle his form
as he leaps up on the bed

curls up purring
on the sunken chest

Comforter in final hours
or something more?

In those last moments
does he stand up
place his mouth to yours
and breathe

Does he suck the soul from its fading carapace?

Does he take it with him into the dark night

to heaven or to hell?

(c)opyright Laura Morrigan 2015

Inspired by Oscar, a cat who watches over the dying in their last moments.


  1. Very Creative and Thought Provoking!

  2. oh right, saw the oscar story when i was half asleep, need to read that now! and love your words!

  3. Wow, great imagery. I knew who you were writing about as soon as I began reading, I just couldn't remember his name.

  4. aw. I like this. I hope a kitty takes my soul when i go.

  5. Beautifully written <3 I love it.

  6. Wonderfully creative and touching.

  7. Beautiful, Laura! I remember reading about this cat somewhere. I think it would be nice to have an Oscar watch over me when I go. No wait - if I go. I haven't decided yet whether I want to or not.

  8. "curls up purring
    on the sunken chest"

    Wow. The imagery and sounds of these lines are "breathtaking" indeed!

  9. Lovely! I hope a kitty is with me when I go, curled up purring on my chest like my Angel kitty does each night (but hasn't taken my soul yet!)