Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Wall Decoration

The wall in my bedroom has finally been collaged with all my little bits and pieces.

Big posters: Josephine Wall, photo of a cute jumping spider that my partner found

Nene Thomas print

Nene Thomas print, oracle card from magazine

Norman Lindsay postcard, oracle card from magazine, Nene Thomas print

More Nene Thomas prints

Postcard with ducks in field of tulips

Nene Thomas, postcard from Shovava on Etsy, Oracle card from Gnostic Enchantments

Pheasant postcard, oracle card, Nene Thomas

Frida videotape cover, oracle card from Gnostic enchantments, Norman Lindsay postcard, duck postcard

Oracle card, Nene Thomas

Nene Thomas print, Norman Lindsay postcard


  1. I love this idea, and you have some really nice pieces. It's a great way to personalise a wall, and a room. I must finally decide what colour we are painting each room and then I can play! Some of the Nene Thomas [prints remind me of Erte, and the old Vogue covers that he did. x

  2. ^_^ seems to be some kind of trend again to have a wall crowded with postcards and pictures, i really love that because it tells quite a lot about the people living in that flat! and goodness what would be cute than jumping spider pics!!

  3. Thk u for sharing the range of Art you enjoy! Hmmm, noted!

  4. Looking so lovely! Beautiful way to display lovely art pieces.

  5. Love them all! Truly beautiful!

  6. Love the Nene Thompson prints. Beautiful.