Saturday, 28 March 2015

30 Day Goth Challenge Days 3-6

Day 4 – Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to. 

I think one of the important things when having Gothic interests is being able to laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously. Now that I am older I can joke about things like "Goth Cards" and getting kicked out of the "Secret Goth Cabal" as Jillian Venters jokingly calls it, and not take myself too seriously. I don't feel the need to always impress other Goths or wear black 100% of the time. I don't think you have to grow out of Goth but I think you can grow up in Goth, outgrow the constant feeling of needing to be accepted, outgrow any bitchiness or need to criticise others.  

I guess I could fit the role of some tortured Regency/Georgian writer, like my heroes, Byron, Shelley, Coleridge, especially as I am a bit of a techophobe. In the end we embrace the cliche but are able to laugh at ourselves. we understand the beauty in the mysteries of life and death.

I do love the Goth (stereo)types series by Trellia.

I definitely think my style has taken a bit of turn in the perky direction recently.

Day 5 – Is there a local Goth band or group in your area? 

I think there are probably quite a few Gothic bands in the nearby city. Two really good Sydney bands that I have seen perform are The Dark Shadows, which has a bit of an old school 80s Goth feel and SNUFF which is kind of industrial (I told you I am no good at using music terms). I have seen both perform and talked to members of both bands and they are so nice in real life, and their music is great to dance to!

Day 6 – Hand write your favourite lyric and take a picture.

There are a lot of lyrics I love, but the cuteness of this one always gets me. Plus it gave me an excuse to draw a picture! 


  1. Super cute cats you've drawn! Made me smile happily as the first thing in the morning. ^__^

  2. evil you ;_; now i have that song stuck in my head for the entire day and will have to dance around!

  3. I LOVE "Lovecats", and your drawing is adorable! :-)

  4. Im definitely a perky (glitter:) goth! And the drAwing is so cute! ^^

  5. This made me smile. Funny, I was thinking of you at a gig last night. The main act, Bridie Jackson and the Arbour did a folk cover of Lovecats, we were all hissing and meowing along! But the band supporting her, Heg and the Wolf Chorus, made me think of you. Heg writes beautiful songs based on folklore and legends, plussome about her family history. A bit Tori Amos, really lovely stuff. Thought you might like it.

  6. Neither here nor there, but your handwriting is awesome. I also notice a lot of perky goth bloggers. I feel like they are some of the most enthusiastic members of the genre.

  7. Too cute! I'm not sure if I fit into anything goth like.. I think I like pastels too much :P