Monday, 9 February 2015

Week in Review 26th Jan- 1st Feb, Week in Review 2nd- 8th Feb

26th Jan- 1st Feb

What I did

Neil Gaiman w Kat
Doing some writing!


 Grand Designs

 W.E. (Wallis and Edward) Warning, there is some really extreme domestic violence in this!
There was a very interesting take on Wallis's side of the story and what she gave up.
We'll Take Manhattan - Docudrama about Jean Shrimpton and David Bailey, whose style helped bring in 60s youth culture.


The Vampire Diaries vol 4
The Bellwether Revivals
The Witch of Portobello (apparently inspired by the life of Vali Myers)

Listening to

10 min meditations on Positive Channel on YouTube
The Cocteau Twins
The Sisters of mercy

The Problem With Saints, performed by Neil Gaiman

2nd- 8th Feb

What I did

Sung Gilbert and Sullivan and Disney songs to my bird because he likes it best when I sing.
Hot chocolate and marshmallows and coconutty cake at Hatters with grandma.


Gothic! by Ken Russell. Completely overblown Gothic camp, as is his style. Don't watch if you didn't like Coppola's Dracula, this is even more over the top!
Life After Beth  Hilarious. I fully recommend this black comedy! Will never look at smooth jazz the same way again!

Rewatching Haven


Magaly's Lum and Darlene stories <3
Vali Myers: A Memoir by Gianni Menichetti

Agnes Quill by Dave Roman and others. I adore this! Definitely worth a read. Apparently it has continued online, so I hope there will be another volume eventually!
Simple Abundance

Listening to

The Smiths
London after Midnight
The Tea Party
The Cult
Jill Tracy


  1. You've been listening to some serious music;-)

  2. omg you're listening to ALL of my husband's favorite bands. (well minus the smiths and London After Midnight---those are MY favorites!)

  3. Love that pic! <3

  4. Glad to hear that you're writing again!