Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Spooky Home

You need some kind of awesome tiles in one of the rooms

Big Addams family portrait somewhere, cause we all know we are Addams swapped at birth!

The house should possibly be up on a hill with lots of heather!

Opulent mother of pearl bathroom art

Some bookhouses for faeries, perhaps

Your bird needs a Gothic castle cage

A coffee table that can talk to the dead

A bat lamp

A lamp made from the spines of your enemies

A possessed toy or two

The cursed belongings of ancestors, hidden in forbidden rooms

Lets just hope this isn't a real arm!

Ravens and skulls

Witch crystals

Gallery walls, with creepy images

Like this beautiful and eerie photo

A few crows never go astray. You could attract them by leaving your enemies' corpses around.

Dead ancestors tomb. You can always adopt one!

Turrets are important! If the house looks like it has a face, so much the better!

There are so many creepy door handles to choose from!

Living in a surreal, evil alternate reality always helps!
Artist: I can't remember his name, it's driving me crazy! He usually does big eyed, big headed Kawaii Goth images.

Witch faery door

And some perfect images from Variations on Light to set the scene!

These two images are from Retro Electric

I love this image that my friend referred to as a Versace Opium Den

Last but not least, this Edward Gorey inspired ball really sets a glorious Gothic scene!


  1. "A few crows never go astray. You could attract them by leaving your enemies' corpses around." I laughed so hard! :D Your sense of humor is so cutely twisted and I almost drooled because of those pictures. A home like that would be heaven!

  2. EVERYTHING is such eye candy. In particular those fairy houses in the books, as well as that gothic castle cage. I could definitely see those things finding a place in my home ;)

  3. I once tried to make a lamp out of the spines of my enemies just to find out that they had no backbone. Very sad, indeed...

    Now, can I PLEASE get the black and red dinner set!

    - Magaly Guerrero
    Stories, poetry and witchy living

  4. Wonderful indeed, nice you included Kruel Intentions photo as well. Who is cleaning this gorgeous dream of yours? 💜💜💜

  5. Oh my I'm loving all the images, a feast of inspiration for both the eyes and the soul. I'm drooling over that red and black laid table, the dragon staircase and bat table lamp. Wonderful.

  6. LOVE those tiles in the top photo & ALL the door knockers!

  7. Heh, I already had several of these images on my Pinterest Dream House board.

  8. So much wonderful inspiration in this post! I'm glad to see the gothier side of your fairyness :) I also enjoyed reading about Vail, I had never heard of her before. I have been spending some time trying to catch up on my friends' blogs this weekend, but I have missed out on alot...

  9. Thanks for linking my blog! :) Love the deco!