Saturday, 21 February 2015

Generally Gnostic Goings On

I went into our lovely local shop Gnostic Rocks (part of Gnostic Forest esoteric stores) and picked up my layby!

Crystal pendulum

Quartz wand

Crystal cleansing solution, which is great for people like me who forget, as you don't need a full moon.

I found a few more things there too! Naughty me! :P

Pyrite for stamina, two pointed amethysts for protection

Free gift, a fascinating looking uncut grey quartz piece!

Quartz crystal ball and a stone ring to sit it on

Cleansing almost all my crystals (I forgot a few)


  1. I get mess irised looking at these wonderful treasures! Love the Quartz on a ring!

  2. Wow these pieces are so gorgeous! Love them!

  3. Love your crystals! You have a lovely collection.

  4. Ohhh, I love stones and crystals ;o) Great post ;o)

  5. Cool, love this kind of posts! Crystal cleansing solution, i never knew such a thing existed! :]