Saturday, 7 February 2015

Comments, blogging and hair


Whoops! Looks like I haven't replied to comments for pretty much all this year! I will have to get to work remedying that! It will probably take a few days at least!

Hope everyone is enjoying my blog, let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement. I will try and get another short story finished and up soon. (And by soon I mean, I have no idea how long it will be.)

Is everyone enjoying the outfit posts? I tend to get bored with sticking to one style too long, and as any of you who have followed me for a couple of years can see, I change my style "more than I change my socks".

I am also thinking of cutting my hair again, as all the dyed bits are totally dead from being bleached and dyed about ten times all up last year, so I am tempted to cut it all off and start again.

This is me when I had really short hair in about 2010, although it would be brown this time. I am pretty strongly tempted, as the feeling of the dead hair kind of grosses me out.

Yeah, I know my eyes are kind of unfocused here, I was trying to focus on taking the picture, so I may be a little cross-eyed!


  1. I like that your style changes all the time - keeps it interesting! Although I never get tired of tutus and stompy boots, just for the record. :)

  2. I dont mind your outfit posts and I think short hair really suits you.

  3. I think the shorter hair also suits you! But you should do whatever you like...

  4. I know that urge to chop, I had a disastrous perm in my long hair and hated it so much that I had it all clipped to my ears. I felt so much better, even if it did take me 2 years to grow it all back! Your outfit posts are cute, do whatever makes you happy :)

  5. In the interests of note having completely fried hair, I only bleach my roots (unless I'm changing the color). I also use coconut oil treatments, which helps.

    You do look cute with short hair!

  6. I'd love more in-depth inspiration posts. You always share those beautiful pictures and I'd really like to know your thoughts about them, too.
    Also, I think the short hair would be cute. Or a side cut. Do whatever feels right!

    1. Hmmm I will have to think about that! I think my usual thought is just wantwantwant!

  7. Great post, I love your blog! ^-^

  8. your short hair looks so so so cute! i think you look lovely no matter what way you have your hair.

  9. I enjoy your outfit posts! I think the short style looks well on you, but I'll miss your faery-green locks. I think brown hair looks very well on you too, judging by your sidebar photo.



  10. Looks good to me, you and the blog! I will have to post a pic. I cut five more inches off my hair, but it still grows fast. I don't know. The more I cut it, the more I have to! LOL!

  11. You look BEAUTIFUL with short hair!

  12. I enjoy the outfit posts and your outings as well. Just keep doing what you are doing!