Monday, 19 January 2015

Week in Review 12th- 18th January

Pretty necklace Jon found for me <3
What I did
 eBay for hippie-Goth clothes
little bit of opshopping
heard about Vali Myers
Saw the lovely Kat

The Complete Idiots Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft by Denise Zimmerman, Katherine A Gleason and Miria Liguana
Simple Abundance daybook by Sarah Ban Breathnach

Downton Tabby
Grumpy Cat :A Grumpy Book
Henri, le Chat Noir: The Existential Musings of an Angst-Filled Cat
Spaces (Where Creative People Live, Work and Play) vol 2 by Frankie Magazine
A Big Life by Jenny Kee
The Urban Fantasy Anthology, ed. Peter S. Beagle & Joe R Lansdale

Miss Potter
An episode of Years of Living Dangerously- climate change, etc.
The Hobbit part 3

Ed van der ELsken doco on Vali Myers-YouTube
Hitchcock (Movie, wasn't that impressed)

Listening To
APC- Thirteenth Step ( soundtrack of my late teens :p)
Agnes Obel- Aventine
Celtic Woman
Sopor Aeternus


  1. What a fun necklace!

    And I'm very jealous of your Hobbit watching. ;-)

  2. A busy week!

    I haven't seen the Hitchcock film yet, and haven't heard anything good about it, so far.

  3. Beautiful necklace....very Vali! Indeed! xoDebi

  4. I love Henri! And wasn't that impressed with the Hitchcock movie either...