Monday, 12 January 2015


Click on photo for larger image

Elf ears: 99c on eBay
Buttefly clip: eBay
Necklace: secondhand

Nailpolish: Vicious Venom by mode- such an awesome name!

Leafy looking top: secondhand
Dress: street stall

Necklaces: Gnostic Rocks Woy Woy, Luna, secondhand
Top: secondhand
Skirt: secondhand

Beautiful beaded decoration around the bottom of the skirt

Dress: from, modified by me
Belt: secondhand


  1. I LOVE the Elf ears, and your hair is looking fab!

  2. That red dress <3 I like the medieval look of it.

  3. Love those elf ears, and the beading around the bottom of the skirt is so beautiful. Love that red dress, too!



  4. You should wear elf ears more often, it's pretty cool :D

  5. I like your hair color! <3 And nail polish looks good!

  6. Love the name of the nail polish. And probably know that I'm adoring the red dress.

  7. The ears the ears! You are adorable. You really look like an enchanting forest creature my dear!

  8. OMG, that HolyClothing dress...!! *.*

    Are the elf ears worth it? Aren't they hard to put on or uncomfortable to wear? Don't they stick out too much?

    1. The elf ears just sort of sit on the top of my ears, I think to make sure they would stay on if I was wearing them out I would have to use some kind of glue or tape you use for that sort of thing. I assume they have something like that, like the kind of thing women use to glue the front of their dresses down in Hollywood, :P

  9. OOOmg, this butterfly! I love your outfits and the fact that You still stick to your favourite style, and it suits You so well <3 All the elements match really good with each other and with YOU, your green hair and floral tattoo, each one of Your looks is so harmonious...