Sunday, 21 December 2014


In the Southern Hemisphere, Litha is traditionally celebrated around the 21st. After checking a pagan calender I discovered that it would fall on the 22nd which was a good day to do it as it was a week day and would be fairly quiet while I did the ritual in the backyard.

After doing this ritual I asked permission that I might take a couple of photos to share with you all.

I did not manage to get all the ingredients for the ritual so I adapted it slightly, I have been reading about how you should adapt rituals to suit the materials you have. Therefore the herb part was not done but the rest was. I used nuts and seeds for the offerings so they could be put in the garden afterwards and birds and small animals could eat them. I didn't want to put out anything that would not be healthy for them to eat.

Circle of flowers for ritual

Ritual outfit- floral wreath and green dress.
I found these instructions online. I think it was on the Southern Hemisphere Pagan page.


You will need:

Seasonal flowers and items to decorate your altar.

The means to create a small fire. A fire pit outside will work wonderfully, but an indoor fireplace is also fine. If you cannot build a fire, use some candles (red or gold are best).

Some herbs representative of happiness; lavender and vervain are traditional.

A small square of fabric and a ribbon; natural materials are best.

Any percussive instrument (optional).

A bowl or plate of seasonal fruits or other foods and a glass of fruit juice, red wine, or some other appropriate drink.

An offering bowl (only needed if you are not working outside and/or if you cannot build a fire).

Decorate your altar or working space with summery items. Seasonal flowers and fruits are especially good. Cast your circle and mark it out by walking sunwise [Widdershins in the Southern Hemisphere] around it and laying flowers around its perimeter.

Build the fire or light the candles and speak the following words:

At this time of life and joy when summer’s reached its height,
I honour the season and the sun with these flames burning bright,
And as the year begins to wane, I’ll keep with me this light,
To fill my heart and warm me when the day turns on to night.

Feel the warmth of the flames and imagine their light filling you. Sit by the fire (or candles) and place the herbs in the centre of the square of fabric. Fold the fabric up around the herbs and tie it off to make a pouch. Push all your troubles, pains, sorrows, etc., into the pouch. Throw it into the fire if you’ve built one. If you are using candles, place it on your altar for now.

Stand up and walk sunwise [ Southern Hemisphere: Widdershins] around the fire or candles. If your fire is not in the centre, simply walk around the circle. Play the instrument (if you have one) or clap your hands if you like, and chant the following words as you walk:

Turn, turn, turn, turn, the Litha fire is burning
Walk the circle, chant the song, the year’s great wheel is turning.

As you walk and chant, reflect on the year — now that it is halfway through, what have you learned? What has come to pass? What is yet to come? Picture a great wheel turning, a representation of the steady passage of time. Continue this active meditation for as long as you like. When you are ready to stop, sit by your altar again and place the food, drink, and offering bowl (if needed) in front of you. Speak a small and personal expression of gratitude for all that the Earth has provided and for the food and drink before you. Throw a bit of the food into the fire and pour some of the drink onto the ground (or put them into an offering bowl if you are not outside and/or you do not have a fire). Enjoy the rest.

Close your circle and end your ritual, putting out the fire or candles last. Go outside and bury the offerings if needed. If your ritual used candles and you did not burn the herb pouch, keep it on your altar until you can throw it into a fire. If you cannot, you can bury the pouch."


I also decided to wear green for the rest of the day to celebrate Litha.

May your Litha also be bright!

Blessed be.

Laura Morrigan.


  1. Bright Blessings of Litha kindred! Beautiful ritual and tribute to such a sacred time...thanks for shining your magic and sharing your world..beautiful! You look fantastic too! Enjoy the celebrations...

  2. Wow, this is interesting, I like the whole Wiccan/witch thing and was sitting on tumblr drooling over pictures and reading about spells.
    I need to read books about witchcraft and such soon. ^^
    Or maybe Wiccan and "witchcraft" are two totally different things? :O

    1. Thanks. Wicca is a type of witchcraft, there is a rede or code about not doing harm. I can recommend The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft and The Enchanted Parlour's Wicca 101 videos on YouTube!

  3. Lovely Laura! What a beautiful ritual! So glad you are enjoying yourself with this new practice you are exploring, and that you got to celebrate the first day of Summer in such a magical way!

  4. Thanks for writing about this, it's super interesting! It's nice to see people being spiritual at this time of year, with the stress of Christmas and all :)

  5. I love this Laura ;o) Thanks for sharing this ;o) Many blessings ;o)

  6. So sweet! What a lovely ritual... Blessed Litha! -xo

  7. At first I was incredibly confused as we just had Yule around here, but then it dawned on me. Blessed Litha! It's so lovely that you seem to find a great way for your spirituality at the moment, and even people to practise it with.

    1. Yep, we are opposites over here! I was reading we are meant to walk the opposite direction around the circle too, and technically our elements may be in different places! Thanks!

  8. Happy Litha! Sounds like a lovely ritual. :)