Friday, 14 November 2014

Interstellar and Shellac Nails Update

Interstellar was brilliant. Actually brilliant. I like a lot of things, but this definitely fell into my 6/5 category, which means things that go above and beyond perfect and just have you sitting there wondering how someone can have thought of it!

If you can, do as I did and go into it knowing as little about the plot as possible. It is really complex and amazing and looking things up about it does not do it justice!

I got my shellac nails done on the 6th November. Yesterday (the 14th) I got two small chips on two fingernails of my right hand which is the dominant hand so gets more wear. They have also grown out a little but not enough to need cutting yet as they were very short when I got them done.

The chipping is frustrating but not half as bad as it would be if I were using normal nailpolish which chips within a couple of days for me, even if I use supposedly chip proof stuff. I do a lot of typing which probably contributes to this. I also use my right forefinger (which was one of the ones that got chipped) to tap on my phone touchscreen.

I am still finding a lot of disagreeing articles on whether the UV light used to dry the nails can cause UV damage that may lead to skin cancer over many years. I guess I will go as long as I can with these nails and then try and decide what to do when they get too long and need to be trimmed.

I really have enjoyed the lack of chips and the hardness of my usually easily broken fingernails. Also until yesterday they still looked pretty much perfect!

Some closeups of the tiny chips. I sealed them with some clear nailpolish, hope that works. You can also see that they have grown away from my cuticles a little.


  1. Tiny chips annoy me so much!! I usually just end up removing the polish entirely, can't stand it >____<
    So sad that it happened though. At least they lasted a while I guess?

    1. Yes, they lasted a pretty good length of time, much longer than usual nailpolish! If only we could just magically change the colour of our nails! Oh the things I would do if I was Tonks! Pretty sure I wouldn't have any time for being in The Order of the Phoenix, too busy doing my hair and nails!

  2. Is that a movie? I'll ask google! ;D

    They have lasted a long way if you ask me. xD
    If I paint my nails right now, it will be chipped and stuff by tonight. Or tomorrow if I'm lucky. And I have tried every brand there is, well, it feels like that anyway. ^^

  3. Oh that would drive me up the wall!

  4. I'm glad they lasted a little bit longer ;o)