Monday, 3 November 2014

Home Decor Inspiration

Vintage photos of tattooed ladies on walls (got this idea from the Tattoo Studio)

Gargoyle door knocker to keep out unwanted guests

Love this bed!

Tim Burton-esque room design found online

More gargoyles

Skull Pinup girl vase/planter

 Green walls with old style pictures and amazing coloured glass globe chandelier (found in Home pictures in weekend magazine)

 This is actually my current room. I thought the iron scrollwork of our bed together with the stripy curtains looked rather Tim Burton-esque

Mexican skeleton from weekend magazine home 

Amazing Mexican painted chair from same magazine

Indian stool with demony face from Mindfood Magazine article on India

Amazing fallen antler lamp chandelier from Mindfood magazine article. Blogger decided to rotate it, sorry.

Creepy hand sculpture from Mindfood article

Tim Burton-esque furniture, found on Google images.

Spirally bed, although I wouldn't go for all that pink!

Topiary garden from Edward Scissorhands. The house is nice too.

Mirror found on Google images

Tim Burton-esque bedroom found on Google images.

Part of my shelf:

 My doggy angels for my altar, Sunny, mini sunny, Frodo and Dandy.


  1. Obviously love everything! Especially the Tim Burton-esque stripes. Reminds me a bit of Night Circus too, which, if you haven't read you absolutely must!

    1. I loved The Night Circus! I must read it again! Thank you!

  2. The picture of the tattooed lady is lovely! Black and white stripes, topiaries, gargoyles... some of my favourite things! ^_^

  3. I love that bed .. sort of a cross between Art Nouveau and Sleeping Beauty or something! Also love the antler chandelier and the mirror. But I especially love your doggy collection. :)

  4. Your curtains are awesome! ^^ I also love the Skull Pinup girl vase ad the door knockers, but my boyfriend and I agreed on a little less perky and more cheerful decoration, so no burtonesque striped for me. :)

  5. Omg the mirror! i need it in my life.

  6. I love your room and that mirror is amazing! Love all the items ;o)