Sunday, 30 November 2014

Reading, Watching

 Sorry for the long list again, I really need to try and do this every week!

Hellblazer comics- geez these are insane! Not sure I will finish.
The Magick of Fairies, Cassandra Eason
Spellcraft for Hedge Witches, Rae Beth
A Midsummer Night's Faery Tale by Wendy Froud and Terry Windling

The Vampire Diaries newest season
Marvel Agents of SHIELD- getting waay too intense, taking a break. It's so emotional!
Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil
Sleepy Hollow series 2
The Social Network
First Person Kodachrome: doco, photos, slides, art, memory
Breaking Dawn Part 1- I have enjoyed some of the others but this was a bit grotesque with the demon baby thing and her terrifying anorexic appearance.
Death Comes to Pemberly part 1
Rewatching some of The Hobbit on TV (the middle part because that was where I came in and it went really late)
Warm Bodies
We Are The Night
The Poison Tree (miniseries with Matthew Goode of the book I read recently )
The Hobbit-The Desolation of Smaug
The Enchanted Parlour Wicca 101 videos on YouTube
Abraham Hicks- Things you Must Do Every Day on YouTube

Listening to
Inkubus Sukkubus
Agnes Obel
Tom Waits
Sopor Aeternus
Agnes Obel

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Being Everything You Want To Be


I think everyone has felt it, the pressure to fit in. Whether to the idea of normal or to a subculture. The difficult part is ignoring all these pressures and letting yourself really be the person you want to be.

Change itself can be confusing, since I have been trying to live a simpler and more positive life I found many questions. Did I have to dress more hippie? Could I still obsess over clothes the way I do?

Am I still Goth when I love Goth things but wear colours a lot of the time?

Who cares what others think, I am what I want to be!

Every now and then you seem to have to realign. I don't know about you but I seem to have phases, I will spend a phase doing more Gothy things then go back to more nature-like, faery things.

At the moment getting inspiration outside is annoyingly hard as it is really hot and sweaty! And it's not even Summer yet!

This last year or so this blog has also changed, it has gone from mostly book reviews and fashion to more personal. It is so weird to realise that! I guess I am becoming more open about my life, now that I am trying to make changes. I am trying to inspire myself and hopefully inspire others, too.

I have always allowed myself to be different- I have always been a little odd, I think weird things, my brain is always working. I am used to being the odd one out. What I haven't always done is allowed myself to really embrace positivity and change. I want to be really open to a simpler life where I reach for nothing more than pure happiness.

I know that, despite my efforts, I do still lean a little towards the view of possessions making you happy and I am working on that. I am going to try and only get things that enrich me- holidays, oracle cards, books on magick, etc. and stop buying so many clothes! I do want to embrace a more forest elf/ faery style though, so I will have to start getting back to sewing again. Sewing is good anyway, as making something is very rewarding.

I don't want to define who or what I want to be because I don't want to limit myself. I want to experience all the good things there are to experience!

My faery altar currently, click on image to see it larger.

Last night I pulled 6 Goddess Guidance Oracle cards from the deck to get an idea of the things I need to work on. This is what I got:

White Tara reversed means I really need to work on avoiding "harsh relationships, environments, situations and chemicals."

I feel quite strongly drawn to these last two.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Agnes Obel Concert

On the 27th of November I got to see Agnes Obel live in concert with my friend Bryce! This was amazing, I didn't expect her to come to Australia, as most of the European groups I love never do! We are so out of the way! She is one of my favourite musicians of all time so seeing her was a dream come true!

Her voice is amazing in person, it still has that haunting quality but it is loud and strong, unlike some musicians who seem weak in person. She has a powerful and beautiful energy that draws you in, she seems surrounded by a wonderful energy. Her music lifts you up and carries you away.

Agnes was charming in person, she was funny when she introduced songs, and seemed so humble and down to earth. She wore a loose white shirt and white pants that glowed under the spotlights and her long blonde hair was pulled back in a braid, except for a large lock which fell over her face. She looked rather elfin.

This was definitely one of the most amazing experiences I have had. I felt sad once it was over! Everyone in the audience clapped and cheered so hard, I hope she knew how much we love her!

Birdcages hanging from wires near the theatre.


The dress is Roxy by Holyclothing. It ended up being a bit too large because I went with my usual measurements on the size chart and bought a couple of sizes larger, but I guess this one is meant to have a tighter fit and is a different sort of cut than the one I am used to. It would cost me too much to post it back, but I kind of like the look anyway. If you order it, I would advise you staying nearer your normal size than I did. I love the chocolate brown colour, though, it is so much more chocolatey in real life than in their pictures!


Amazing ruffles!

Elf coat by EuphoricGarments on Etsy

Today's oracle card:

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Thought Cleansing

I have decided that, as part of cleansing my life, I want to try and think only positive thoughts and read only positive things. This means trying to avoid bad news that just makes me unhappy, avoiding trashy tabloid articles about celebrities, and possibly not reading any books or watching TV with themes that upset me too much. I want to feed my contentment, not my anxiety, and do only things that make me feel good.

This also included trying to watch 10 min meditation videos, and learning about positive witchcraft.

I also have to stop buying so many clothes :P

I need to spend more time in nature, unfortunately this is a little difficult at the moment with the weather, and trying to avoid sunburn. Maybe I will just spend some time in the backyard.

I have been trying to eat more healthily, break my addiction to hot chips, and eventually cut out most junk food. You never know what they put in processed foods, anyway. Eating healthy is hard, and takes time!

As a very sensitive person I tend to hold onto a lot of pain for the way I have been treated. People have always picked me out as an outsider even before I dressed differently. I need to learn to meditate, relax, change my thoughts to positive ones. I am also a perfectionist and tend to push myself too far and too hard. I need to be gentler on myself.

Today's oracle card:

Blogvember Tag from Lesthi


 I wish I knew who made this faery, because I want it!

Tagged by Lesthi.

Thank you!

These are the questions in the blogvember challenge:

What is the best thing about blogging?'

I feel similarly to Lesthi, it is nice to be able to look back at things you did and what things you were wearing at a certain time. It is also nice to meet others who share similar interests and inspire me. I have made some wonderful friends in different countries that I hope to meet one day!

What makes my blog special?

Ha ha, is it special? Well I guess my readers think so! Thanks to everyone that thinks it is! Maybe the mix of all my different interests?

How does my blog look in a year?

Hmmm hard to imagine. Hopefully even more amazing faery outfits! How cool would it be if I was a famous author by then? But I think that will take a bit longer than a year! Hopefully I will have lots of exciting new things going on to talk about!

Which was my best post?

Hmmmm I don't know. I guess I really liked Letting It Go

What other blogs / bloggers inspire me?

All the blogs I follow inspire me, or I wouldn't follow them, ha ha. Some of my big life inspirations are linked in my side bar, but I also just love to just hear about other's lives and see what they are wearing, and your style and pastimes always inspire me!

You ALL inspire me!

My three nominees are Hedgefairy, milky doll princess and Sylvie Little Corp Goth Girl 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Revlon Color Stay Gel Envy Nailpolish Update

 I wrote this about 2 days ago, which should give you an idea of the staying power. I have now replaced it with $2 nailpolish.

Well the Revlon Color Stay Gel Envy nailpolish definitely didn't last like gel nails. I did my first post about it on the 20th. I've already got the kind of chips I get with normal nailpolish that doesn't even have a sealing top coat. At $16 a bottle, saying I am disappointed is an understatement.

I actually ended up spending more on this nailpolish than I would have on a new set of shellac nails, too!

Sooo many chips :(

So in the end, the only Pro is no UV lamps. I would advise you to stick to cheaper nailpolish, as it has exactly the same results!

Not recommended unless you can get it a lot cheaper and really like the colours.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Melynda Moon

A real elf!

In my opinion she looks like an elfin Luna Lovegood, ethereal and beautiful!

I hate when people say she will regret the ears, they don't understand the choices of others. I get how it feels to want to be more than human! I think she looks amazing, but it is her own choice and she is happy with it so who cares?!

Pictures from Google Images.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Ultimate Goth Xmas Present?

Mythic Articulations Complete Set 36 Cryptid & Mythical Creature Skeletons

Of course, if you don't have that much money to spend, all the skeletons are available singly 

Mythic Articulations on

I hope to have them all one day when I have more money and space!

 Their fake scientific drawings are amazing, too!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Revlon Gel Envy Nailpolish and Top Coat

Today I got Revlon Gel Envy nailpolish and top coat. I had seen it advertised on TV and I want to see how it stands up compared to shellac/ gel nails.

It does not need a UV lamp which is a major plus to me as I am a little worried about the UV exposure.

I was bad and peeled the shellac off instead of removing it properly, please don't do this! It's some complex method apparently.

I washed my hands in warm water which is supposed to remove oils so nailpolish goes on better.

I put on the combined base coat and colour coat. It seems thicker and gluggier than normal nailpolish so I was very careful to do it as neatly as I could.

I left it for about half an hour to make sure it was dry before applying the top coat.

I was told by a lady at the chemist that I could add another coat in a week to make it last longer.

The nailpolish and top coat are about $16.95 each in my local chemist, I assume it is similar around Australia.

I used colour 450, High Roller. It is a purple but it is pretty dark and dull in appearance, so I am not that impressed with it. I also purchased 600 Queen of Hearts, and am considering removing this and replacing it with that as I think that colour would pop a lot more.

Pros: No UV lamps
Cheaper over time (gel nails approx $30 or more)
Can remove with normal nailpolish remover

Don't get pampered like you would at a salon
If you aren't great at painting your nails it won't look as nice

I will keep you posted about how long they last.

As you can see, my messy job is not as satisfying as a salon manicure!

Creating Magic in Normal Life- Faery Doors!

 Full article:

I Need This House!