Monday, 20 October 2014

Thoughts on Faeries

 Not intended to be a One Truth or canon, just some random thoughts/ inspiration/ motivation

Faeries give us a magic to believe in, a hope that life can turn out beautiful. That there is enchantment in the everyday. That we can somehow be better.

Faeries are part divine and part wicked, the offspring of angels and daemons, some say. They are two-sided, like humans.

They are closer to nature, purer.* They are out perfect selves.

Reach for the magic in the everyday. Find the magic in the peace of nature, the kindness of animals.

Nature is divine.

Don't lose yourself in the modern world.

You don't have to deny all pleasures or modern inventions.

Just search for purity.*

For Magic.

Be good. Be kind. Be close to nature.

BE the magic.

* When I say purity I don't mean some religious concept, I mean living a simpler life, closer to nature, less obsession with THINGS over people. Enjoy the moments in life, not the possessions. You don't have to wear rags or live in the woods, it's about working out what you do and don't NEED. Really need. No one's perfect. I'm still working on it.


  1. "Faeries are part divine and part wicked...". I completely agree with that. And I think we make the world and ourselves a lot better if we remember this. It's the closest path to the "purer" self many of us seek. ♥

  2. Yeah I have that struggle where I'm a little materialistic, I love to sew and I collect cute things. But it's not my whole life, I feel a strong connection to nature and would love to live up north, in the wooded and less populated part of my province. I just can't live without nature.

  3. Beautiful post, Laura, with so many truths in it.



  4. I agree with every word of this post, especially your definition of purity; I wish people would be less materialistic, less in pursuit of wealth and possessions and more open to the world around them. I believe there's an inner faery in everyone, we just have to find a way to release them...^^

  5. 'Faeries are part divine and part wicked' A perfect capture, like Arthur Rackham's art of them. I love this post! And the painting you have used at the top. Magic.

  6. I struggled a lot with wanting things, material items. I was always seeing what I didn't have. Now I try to look at what I already have, and appreciate it; and every new thing I get is like a treat; not something I NEEDED. I think enjoying your life, in it's simplicity, and being grateful for what you have is sooo faery like!

  7. It's the downfall of the western world in the 21st century - what we want vs what we need.