Friday, 31 October 2014

Life Decluttering: Buying Less

Image from Confessions of a Shopaholic. I love that movie but it totally makes me want to go shopping. And Stalk Hugh Dancy :P
1. Books don't count

2. Healthy food doesn't count. You should never let saving stop you eating healthy.

3. Clothing. Probably my worst addiction because I don't count books. I am not a person who can only buy the clothes they NEED, nor do I believe you should restrict yourself that much. With cheap things like charity shop clothing I can buy anything $15 and under IF I know I actually like it and will wear it. I am a bit addicted to HolyClothing, but I have managed to resist buying EVERYTHING they make by trying to just get things that flatter my body shape. So far I have only been wrong once. Their clothing is still relatively cheap: $30-$50 on average. I rarely treat myself to items in the $80-$150 range and they have to be really fancy and suit my style perfectly. The more expensive the item, the closer to perfect it has to be. Learning to sew can also help, there are so many YouTube tutorials now!

(I only ever buy with paypal, card or cash, using my own money. Credit cards are a terrible trap.)

4.Outings: you should always try to spend time with friends! They make life magic! Cheap hangouts include Crafternoons and bringing home-cooked food to each others' places. You can have movie nights and days with microwave popcorn and snacks, which saves the price of a movie and overpriced snacks.

5. Tattoos: Never try to save by going to a dodgy place. Fixing a bad tattoo is hard and expensive, not to mention hygiene... do your research, pay the bucks, it's worth it!

Well, that's about all I can think of relating to my life. Anyone else have any good tips?


  1. They're all good ideas! But super true about credit cards, my Mastercard debit card is the best thing ever. Super good for when buying online, as some places will only take credit card and not paypal :(

  2. Good tips. I'd never have a credit card. Cash or debit only for me!

    Making your own clothes is always a good thing, it also ensures you don't bump in to anyone wearing the same outfit as you.

    I hope you had wonderfully creepy Halloween! ♥

  3. Totally agree Laura, especially when it comes to no. 5. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to tattoos, so don't scrimp on something that will be a part of your flesh until death :D

  4. HI on the Edgar Allan Poe puppet I made for Annie's party. If you could get in touch and send me your snail mail I will post him to you :D XXX

  5. I dealing with decluttering right now (and was about to blog about it!) I have definitely been buying less lately but now I have to deal with the stuff that I accumulated before! I like your advice although I have a bit of credit card debt I am dealing with at the moment. You live and learn!

  6. Excellent advice! I doooo love Holy Clothing too and want everything in every colour! I am finding that recognizing and being grateful for what I have has helped me from wanting too much, because I do have a lot already!

  7. I'm trying to declutter my life as well; I also have to cut back on shopping and get a little healthier overall; start working out, preparing healthy, home made meals instead of deep freeze and takeaway junk and sweets to just fill my tummy...And I have to do more creative stuff again. :)

  8. My own advice when I was doing "No shopping" for 6 months was to shop my closet and up-cycle. Wear things you never wear, just once, to see if it actually works. Take out, in, cut off and sew together with something else - and suddenly you have a new dress or shirt.

    Your friends look like so much fun, btw!

  9. I also buy clothes mostly second hand, so it's cheaper, but I still feel I'm buying clothes too often :S If i had the money I totally would buy everything at HolyClothing :'D