Sunday, 7 September 2014

Recent Outfits

Went to see my friend Natalie who was getting a new awesome tatt and hung out with her. 

Blue hair: La Riche Directions hair dye
Mushroom earrings: Yizzimindi at Etsy
Unicorn pendant: Secondhand
Dress: Tree of

Buttefly hairclip: Butterfly from craft shop, glued onto hairclip

Purple and blue on the "purple carriage"

 Refreshed my hair colour. Directions Lagoon Blue. It is a bit greeny because of the yellow in my hair, I think.

Blue green hair, turquoise necklace, green blouse, blue skirt.

Hugs and fairydust,



  1. I've tried lagoon blue before from Punky Colours. It turned green on me too. I love that black dress. Lovely

  2. Your looks awesome! I wish I could have coloured hair! Alas, still having to work a normal job. :P

    1. Yes, at least there are some positives to being unemployed :P

  3. I cannot believe how good the blue/green hair looks on you - it's fab. I didn't realize the dress was purple until that train picture, and OMG - I want it badly!

  4. You look gorgeous kindred.. and your hair is magical..loving the colors..and of course I love the black is stunning! Love your unique soul and shining spirit..hugs
    Beautiful post! PS: I am a unicorn kindred!

  5. I miss dying my hair a funky color. I used to use Manic Panic all the time :)

  6. Beautiful! You look gorgeous! I want to colour my hair ;o)
    Love that dress!!!
    Hugs ;o)

  7. You look stunning in blue hair, really; it's such a good colour for you. I really like your ponytail and that lovely butterfly pin!

  8. So many gorgeous pictures!

    Your hair is lovely, as are your outfits <3

  9. This Tree of Life is one of my new favourite online shops! Everything you post from there is so gorgeous! I have bookmarked it for my Christmas wish list :P

  10. I love your style here, it looks so flowy and summery!